The George Jarkesy Show is a nationally syndicated radio show on The Wall Street Business Network and CRN 5, and airs from 1-2 PM EST, Monday through Friday. The host, George Jarkesy, is a former Republican National Committee Finance Member and commentator on Fox, Fox Business, Fox & Friends, and CNBC.  The show can be heard live Monday through Friday on the show’s website: and past shows are archived here there as well, in addition to being available on Apple iTunes.
George Jarkesy launched the radio show to provide an insightful and candid overview of the economy, markets, business, and politics, drawing upon his vast experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor

The show aims to convey current events and economic issues in an entertaining manner, in order to empower listeners and reignite their passion for America and making money. The show incorporates daily segments that go in depth into important issues.

To date, the show hosted prominent guests like:

  •     U.S. Congressman Allen West and Economist Robert Murphy

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  •     Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party

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  •     Warren Mosler, Modern Monetary Theory Economist

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  •     U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady