• Are You Fracking Kidding Me? EPA Terrorism by Sahib and His Crew

    George Jarkesy Show Contributor Sahib is at again and taking aim at one of our favorite target the EPA and while we know that Mr. Armemdariz has been sacrificed on the Obama Altar of Spin we think that Sahib has a great and funny article. Reprinted here in its entirety from the Crew’s website!

    by Sahib and His Crew Save the World


    As my and The Crew’s support for all causes environmental and all regulations federal is legendary, the title of today’s post may come somewhat as a surprise. Devoted (Read More…)

  • Marita Noon – Energy Expert – and Keith Fitzgerald – Financial Expert and Author – Join The Show

    The George Jarkesy Show welcomes Marita Noon, Energy Expert and author of ‘Energy Freedom’ to discuss the resignation of Al Armendariz.  Also on the show was Keith Fitz-gerald, Financial expert and author of ‘Fiscal Hangover’, to discuss investing in the current economy and his book.

    (Read More…)

  • Marita Noon on Al Armendariz and His Vision of the EPA Mission: Ideology Over Cost Benefit Analysis

    Jarkesy Show Contributor Marita Noon on The dust up over the EPA Administrator Al Armendariz and his comment that the EPA should CRUCIFY the Oil and Gas industry.  What The HECK – this is one of the industries keeping this country GOING! She also has some great examples of where emotion has overwhelmed common sense.

    by Marita Noon


    Crucify all bureaucrats whose “philosophy” is based on ideology and emotion—others will behave better
    The revelation of the EPA’s “philosophy” used in their regulation of oil and gas companies—“crucify” and “make examples” of, just as the Romans crucified random citizens in areas they conquered to ensure obedience—provides proof of what many have known: policy decisions are made on ideology and emotion rather than fact, sound science, (Read More…)

  • Refiners Under Pressure Despite High Oil Prices: An Overview of independent Oil Refiners

    Oil refiners have been in the news lately with the higher gasoline prices so an industry snapshot is timely.  First of all refinery inputs were down in 2011 from 2005 due to the recession, higher fuel economy of vehicles and increased ethanol blending (Source US EIA).  The Chart below shows the utilization of refineries on the East Coast is very low (68%) as compared to 93% in 2005.

    (Read More…)

  • Intellectual Property: Explosive Growth Potential: Can You Play The Game?

    Intellectual Property: Explosive Growth Potential: Can You Play The Game?

    Clay Mahaffey, CFA

    Major technology companies have recently paid out really big bucks for intellectual property (IP) assets recently.  Microsoft (MSFT) has acquired 146 companies since going public in 1986.  Five of these acquisitions were worth over one billion dollars: Skype (2011), aQuantive (2007), Fast Search & Transfer (2008), Navision (2002), and Visio (Read More…)



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