• “You Need To Strap On Your Harness And Hold On”

    George Jarkesy, Chairman of NEAA, talking with RTTNews.com

    “There is something underlying the deal between the ECB and US Fed. Whatever deal the US fed cut with the ECB, it’s probably best we don’t know about it…. ”

    Click this link to listen to the entire interview: http://www.rttnews.com/Media/AudioArchive.aspx?Node=B10&category=Interviews

  • What? $105 Million Dollars Per Hour!


    NEAA Chairman George Jarkesy sounds off in Business Insider on more Solar Loans, Politicians and what the government could be doing more efficiently with the SolarReserve Loan!

    Click here for the article: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-105-million-dollars-per-hour-2011-9 to read more!



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