• NEAA Chairman George Jarkesy on Small Business Burdens and Wall Street

    July 12th, 2011 – National Eagles and Angels Chairman George Jarkesy writing as a Business Insider “War Room” Contributor today discussed several of the trends that make it exceedingly difficult for small usiness. You can read the article here at : http://www.businessinsider.com/small-business-burdens–part-one-i-just-cant-find-the-capital-2011-7

    He noted that the current bank lending to small business resembled “Modern Loan Sharking” due to current new regulations forced on commerical lenders, and Jarkesy commented on the dearth of IPO’s and the difficulty of small companies going public for less than $50 million. Jarkesy stated that, “ I firmly believe that this current model creates employees out of visionaries and stifles the creative energy and entrepreneurial drive that’s needed to build great companies! The long term effect is not that entrepreneurs won’t exist any longer; it’s that they won’t be in the United States!.”



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